Web-Systems would like to say a happy new year to all of our customers, 2019 was a great year here at Web-systems and we hope that you achieved your goals for the year.

E-Sports competition

Towards the end of year we had our second annual E-sports competition with another great variety of entrants as well as some top prizes from the likes of MSI, Gigabyte and Game Max.

Here you can see our 2nd place winner, Daniel, collecting his prizes from this years competition. Daniel was able to achieve a lap time of 1:48, a very impressive time in this years standings and as you can see, is very happy with his reward!

Plans for 2020

We hope to improve on the success of last year to make 2020 even better, over the course of this year we will be introducing new products from our partners at MSI gaming as well as taking on board other suppliers and manufacturers to give our customers a wide range of products to choose from.

One big focus area for this year is expanding our repair services. We hope to introduce repair points, a while you wait service and much more. Our repair points scheme is an incentive for all of our customers that book in devices for repair. We are going to award points based on the labour of a repair which can then be used on future repairs for a discounted rate of service. This can be especially useful for businesses with multiple systems that need repairs, as well as families that have more than one PC in the home, this includes labour charged for fitting of components and general system services.

This year after high demand we are also going to be offering a while you wait service starting from £45, this will be restricted to basic diagnostics and fitting of components as advanced repairs may still need to be left with us for further testing or repair. Whilst waiting for your repair you will be able to purchase a refreshment from our coffee machine or try out one of our high spec gaming systems!

Over the Christmas period we had a lot of customers requesting advice on how to build their own PC’s. Although we could offer advice on how do a complete first time build from start to finish we did not have anything in place to walk them through building the system, we could only really advise verbally. We know people learn in a lot of different ways, some people can happily watch a step by step video and some people prefer to read instructions. We figured the easiest way is a 1 to 1 hands on tuition with a professional. In 2020 we are introducing a course that will walk you through each stage of the building process from beginning, you will not only learn but can be proud of your completed work!

We hope by offering this service people who would not otherwise be able to build their own system will have the chance to do so in a professional environment and learn skills that will allow them to service and change components at a later date.

We wish you all the best this year and hope to see you in store soon!



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