Why SMEs should opt for a managed service provider

Small to medium businesses need efficient IT to support their growth. The importance of a good IT strategy can no longer be ignored. A well implemented IT strategy along with robust technology and innovative software will support new business owners in their venture.

SMEs must keep their networks running reliably at top speed with access to data from multiple locations. They need to be diverse and mobile so that they can stay afloat in competitive markets. IT should be a tool used to improve customer service, internal communications and create smoother processes.

So, why should small businesses opt for a managed service provider to take control of their IT?

No IT department needed

It’s true, people are the key to any business. But, where possible, there should be alternatives to recruiting more heads and budgeting for more salaries. According to payscale.com, the average starting salary for an IT manager is over £30,000. Salaries increase the more experienced a person in this industry becomes. And, don’t forget the additional outlays for licensing renewals, training, updates, hardware refreshes and compliance measures. IT can certainly be a costly affair!

Managed service providers, configure, implement, manage and monitor IT externally. Removing the need for a full IT department and the continual training requirements that help them keep up to date with evolving technology trends.

Power up productivity

We’re all looking for a way to finish a three-hour job in an hour but are often hindered by factors that are out of our control. A managed services provider will configure your systems so that you have access to your work desktop from any location, on any device. Terrible weather, sick child, man flu? Work from home. Visiting a client? Use a hot desk. Remote and flexible working is on the increase. According to Gartner, employee retention rates increase by 10% in organisations that embrace remote working. Not only do you have access to a bigger pool of talent when you promote remote working, you’re also likely to retain those employees for longer.

Dramatically reduce business needs

Small business owners struggle to find the time and resource to implement and manage a full IT strategy whilst attempting to run a business. Managed service providers protect small businesses and their data in a cost-effective way. Business growth is supported by trained professionals who are experts in anything from infrastructure management, data protection, fully secure virtual environments and virus protection.

Businesses can expand and grow without breaking the bank and those in charge get to focus on the job at hand.

Secure those systems

Data is more at risk for small businesses in comparison to large enterprises. Securing your data and systems should be your first priority. This may involve spam filtering, scanning viruses, security audits, OS updates and configuration of a software firewall. Managed service providers are armed with the appropriate knowledge and tools to deal with any scary security problems and can prevent them from happening in the first place. They constantly monitor networks and systems to find any vulnerabilities, which they proactively fix to prevent attacks.

What to look for in a managed IT service provider

Managed IT service providers that are ideal for small to medium businesses will:

  • Provide an SLA but be flexible enough to let you add and remove services and users
  • Have a highly-skilled team of people that is large enough to cope with most eventualities, but small enough that they are available and accessible
  • Provide high-quality IT infrastructure and support at a reasonable cost
  • Offer Hardware as a Service as well as other IT and technology solutions

Now that you’re here

At Web-Systems, we’ve recently branched out and added another string to our bow. We’re supporting businesses to manage their IT needs and supplying them with modern technology. We’re also proud resellers of mobile application – taskPRO – allowing businesses to save time & money by managing common business processes from a mobile phone. We’re only ever a phone call away and are available to make on-site visits when needed. So please get in touch for more information.

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