When buying a PC you may be tempted to go for the big stores or the branded “custom build” websites, which is normal as this is the normal way to shop for anything as you can physically see what it is you are buying, whereas a custom build you are buying a series of parts rather than seeing the whole.

But how much better are custom builds and how much money can you be saving by stepping slightly out of your comfort zone to go for a quality custom build?

Low-Budget PCs

You wouldn’t be in the minority if you thought that custom build PCs are for hardcore gamers or those that are willing to spend upwards of £700 for a setup. This is a common misconception that may be preventing you from finding an absolute bargain.

Around the £300 – £400 mark many companies will often sell refurbished desktop PCs and if new, you may find that their processors are seemingly high spec by advertising i5s or sometimes i7s, but are almost always 4+ generations behind the current processors. In these instances what was buying a brand new PC at a bargain becomes buying an outdated PC that might struggle depending on what you are asking of it.

Even on Ebay, the website everyone goes to for bargains – albeit often questionably good bargains – offer new PCs around the same price as we do here at Web-Systems, but crucially with almost no components attached, often times fitted with just a processor and power supply. With these systems you could be looking at anywhere from £150-£250 just to buy the additional components needed to make a functioning desktop PC

At Web-Systems we provide a low-budget PC at £365 with specs good enough to play you average medium-quality game at a good frame rate. As well as this we provide a free consultation to customize the PC’s specifications to suit your needs, something that online and traditional retailers lack.

Overall, going custom build even on a low quality PC could quite easily save you up to around £200. Crucially, you also know exactly what you are paying for with no risk of getting talked into buying something like an overpriced browser-only laptop that doesn’t meet the requirements you’re looking for, which many people fall for at traditional retailers.

Medium/High-Budget PC’s

Medium to High budget PCs is where the average buyer can save a significant amount of money. A budget around the £500-£800 mark is where prices can vary quite wildly and an area where going to a professional to buy exactly what you need is often necessary.

Unlike low-budget PCs, many companies and stores will advertise current generation processors or one generation behind, but are often of a much lower specification than a custom build can offer. A key thing to look out for is seemingly good quality processors but only offering Quad-core. If you are looking at buying a PC nearer to £700 then you could quite easily be looking at Six-core, depending on what you plan on doing on your PC.

Another example of specifications that are often lacking is in the RAM, which often offers around 8GB – sometimes lower for upwards of £700 if you’re lucky. At this price range for a custom build you should be looking at upgrading to 16GB of RAM

There is no fixed price that can be quoted for medium to high budget PCs which is why at Web-systems we provide consultations to build the PC around your needs. For around £800 we can quite easily provide a PC that can run for your needs for many years, and with a chance to bring that PC back in at any time to upgrade your parts.

Overall for medium-high specification systems you could be looking at anywhere between £100 – £400+ depending on your knowledge of PCs. Knowing exactly what you are looking for when buying online in particular can yield reasonable prices in this price range. If you’re not a specialist then you could easily find yourself in a position where you’re buying a PC with specifications much lower than your money could have bought you if you went custom build instead.

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