Space Engineers was released in late 2013 so it is by no means a new game. However, over the years the game has reinvented itself time and time again whether it be adding new features, the ability to land on planets or more advanced pirates or simply updated graphics.

The focus of the game is to survive in space while minin resources to build ships and bases. The ships and bases are entirely of the player’s design and can lead to building weird and wonderful creations. The player can randomly encounter bases and pirates or have neutral cargo ships passing by.

When most people think of entire sandbox with custom creations many people think of Minecraft, but the similarities stop at the genre. As far as graphics go, this is a reasonably high-end game, so a decent system is required to run the game without any frames dropping. There are also many experimental settings that the player can try out if you have a very high end PC capable of running it. Additionally, unlike Minecraft, the multiplayer is easy to use, free and has many features based around multiplayer. You can add passenger seats in your ship, create factions to fight against other player and create faction headquarters.

Creativity is without a doubt its biggest selling point with many people whether they be children or adults finally being able to create an actual spaceship, just like in the movies and have space battles with friends. The game allows absolute freedom when it comes to design so you can replicate your favourite ships from Star Wars or create your own crazy creations. And then when you’re done making them, you can fly them yourself.

Overall this game makes you really feel like you’re in space more than any other game you will ever play. The gravity simulation and physics are very good and you can really feel the struggle of escaping a planet’s gravity well. The audio fits perfectly, with settings to make the sound seem more arcadey than realistic if they so choose. The sound can be quite repetitive, but otherwise creates a good feel and can be quite relaxing especially when flying your ship.

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