Web-Systems’ top 5 reasons to start your Christmas shopping early

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re totally here for it. But we’ve got a question to ask. Are you a plan ahead, get your Christmas shopping done kinda person or do you leave it to Christmas Eve and blitz it last minute? Well, if your more Team Christmas Eve then this post is most definitely for you.

Today we’re sharing a post on 5 reasons why you should get cracking with your Christmas shopping early.

Here goes.

  1. Space out your spending

A big advantage of shopping early is being able to space out your spending. Giving yourself some time to think and plan your spending means you’re more likely to shop strategically too.  You may decide to pick up specific items now, then hit the shops or internet to take advantage of serious discounts over Black Friday weekend. Electronics and gadgets are good items to save until this point. Then you could leave smaller items until nearer the big day by getting your stocking fillers and bits and bobs at lower prices, when shops often heavily discount. Doing your shopping this way means you can spread out your expenses across multiple pay periods. No one wants to transition out of Christmas to a pile of debt, what a come down, so doing it this way means you might be less likely to rely on credit cards to foot the bill.


  1. Pick of the best

The thought of leaving our shopping to the last-minute freaks us out. Just think about this scenario. Auntie Sue has asked for a specific cream top, your mum has asked for Michael Bublé’s latest Christmas album and your little boy has asked for the must have toy of 2019. You don’t want to disappoint them. Yet you’ve left it to the last minute and shops have run out of the items you need. You’re panicking. Now what?! Shopping earlier means shops are usually fully stocked, there’s less chance of items selling out so you can tick those special gifts off your list. Who’s the best gift giver ever? You are!


  1. Beat the rush

Well this one is a no brainer. The earlier you shop, the less likely you’ll be fighting for car parking spaces, pushing and shoving to get to the nearest open cashier, waiting in line to collect orders and avoiding the anxiety that comes from crowds and crowds of stressed out shoppers. If this isn’t incentive enough to start your shopping earlier, we don’t know what is.


  1. Take advantage of the offers

Retailers know what they’re doing. They know that people who leave their shopping until the last minute are likely to spend more. You’ll often find deals like 20% off discounts and 3 for 2 offers from the end of September until just before Black Friday. After that, they’re targeting those late shoppers so prices usually rise. Black Friday is on the 29th November this year, so go and check out those deals whilst you still can.

  1. And relax

Picture this. It’s a week before Christmas, your presents are all wrapped and under the tree and you’ve got no more shopping to do. What a relief. You can enjoy the festive season! You’ve now got quality time back to spend with your loved ones. Perhaps you’re using the time you’d usually be shopping to visit family, maybe you’re watching Christmas films with your children or you’re in the pub at lunch enjoying a cheeky glass or two of mulled wine. It definitely pays to be organised in the run up to Christmas.

So, there you have it. No, no, there’s no need to thank us for helping you get on your way towards a zero stress Christmas. You’re more than welcome.

Psst … before you leave, we’re big fans of Terry’s Chocolate Orange … just saying.

Here at Web-Systems, we’ve got a range of technology and gaming products up for grabs. Start your Christmas shopping now and get yourself a bargain Santa would be proud of. Also, keep an eye out for our Black Friday deals coming soon.

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