As you may have noticed on our Facebook or our YouTube, we have launched the first video of the Web-Show. The first video is an introduction to who we are, what we do and the variety of PCs we offer in store. As for the future of the channel, there is a range of topics that we want to cover as well as showing you guys some behind the scenes and PC challenges. Here are a few more things you can expect to see on our channel.

Tips and Tricks

We always like to give a few tips to maintain the longevity of your systems, but the only way we have been able to do that so far is through our Facebook, using pictures to display some of the common repairs we come across in our work and how they can be avoided. Bringing you up-close to these issues on the Web-Show will better display how you can avoid running into these problems yourself and ensure your system has a happy lifespan.

Hardware Reviews

Everyone has their own opinion on hardware, and we’re no different. We like to make sure our customers get the most out of their money, and a great way of doing that is reviewing hardware ourselves and letting you guys know exactly what you are getting with your money. We plan on looking at market trends, benchmarking performance and accessibility on hardware and give our overall verdict at the end.

Advanced Tools

We’re computer specialists here at Web-Systems and we would not be able to call ourselves that if we didn’t have a few advanced tricks up our sleeves. We plan on showing you guys some cool things you can do with PCs as well as explain why you would want to do it. This includes things such as overclocking, modding and custom bios.

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