If you want to be editing high quality 4K resolution videos smoothly then you need a PC that is able to handle it. But when buying a new system it is very easy to fall into the trap of spending a lot of money and not getting a lot for it. In this blog we will go through step by step with each piece of hardware what you wil need to meet the demands of 4K video editing.


Video editing, especially when importing and exporting large file formats requires a massive amount of processing power and you may find yourself in a position where these two steps alone take just as long as the editing process itself, depending on the task of course. To reduce processing times you will ideally need a current generation processor with at least 6 cores. At Web-Systems we recommend the i7 9700K. If this is a bit outside of your price range and 4K is not something you will be using on the regular then you may be able to get away with a Quad-Core Ryzen 5 – a much more reasonable price for those studying.


The average professional video editor may not see the GPU as anything essential as most of the processing power is done by the CPU is most video editing. However, some video editing software does call upon the GPU a lot more than other. We recommend looking up what kind of editing software you are using, and adjust your spending to your needs. For graphics cards we recommend and to gauge your spending we will go through some of the GPUs we offer at Web-Systems.

For budget spending with editing software with almost no demand on the GPU then we recommend the MSI GeForce GT 710. This is one of the lowest spec GPUs we offer, but will certainly get the job done for many video editing softwares out there, and certainly not a bad buy when looking to upgrade in the future, but want a budget GPU for now.

For video editing softwares that do need a bit more GPU demand, or if you plan on using the PC for more than just Video Editing and touching on areas outside, such as video compositing then we recommend the ASUS GeForce GT 1030. At Web-Systems we stock much higher spec GPUs but for video editing this is about as high as you will need to go.


These LED RAM sticks work perfectly with glass pane PC cases

Like with the CPU, this is an area where going for higher specs can pay off big time when it comes to responsiveness and allowing for smooth editing. At an absolute minimum you should be looking at 8GB of RAM. If you plan on editing online however, or you are aiming to have multiple intensive programs open at the same time with constant switching between them then we would higher recommend 32GB of RAM (2 sticks of 16GB RAM). This is an area where you will definitely feel the difference, and RAM can turn out quite cheap if you manage to pick it up when the prices are low.


Samsung 250GB 960 SSD

Even a low-storage SSD can dramatically increase loading times.

An SSD is similar to your HDD (Local Disk, or C Drive for many PCs), except has no spinning disk like your standard HDD. This means that the loading times for opening up programs – including initial startup and all of windows – decrease significantly. Programs that would previously take a few minutes to boot up properly before you can start your work will load up in a matter of seconds. This comes at a price however, with the cost being much higher than that of your standard HDD, but the price for low storage SSDs is actually very modest. We highly recommend picking one of these up with any new system. Even on a tight budget you should be picking up a low-storage SSD and putting your most important programs on it.


Asrock’s Z390 Phantom Gaming Motherboard is compatible

with the current generation of Intel processors.

The Motherboard is the most important part of any computer as it connects all the components together. The motherboard need to be compatible with the CPU that you are using and your RAM. If you’re buying from us then we will walk through this with you, but if you plan on going solo when buying components then be sure to check whether everything is compatible.

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