At Web-Systems we take pride in ensuring the work carried out is at the highest possible standard. There is no corner cutting at Web-Systems and every new or repaired system gets professional cable management to neaten up the inside of the case. This blog will run through some of the benefits of good cable management as well as displaying a couple of examples so if you’re looking at building your own system you can take a bit of inspiration from how the professionals do it.

Indication of Build Quality

This applies less to building your PC yourself and more to getting a PC professionally built for you. When getting someone else to build a PC you want to know that you are getting the best possible service. After all, PCs are a lot of money and is something that you will probably be using most days for the foreseeable future so its important the quality is excellent. One way to judge a job well done without needing to be a computer expert is to take a quick look at the cable management. If this area of work is a bit messy then it’s likely that the rest of the job they did holds to the same ethos. It does not sound like a big deal, but it would be like going to a restaurant and having the food lazily slapped onto your plate, it does not set a good precedent for the quality of the food.


The more obvious benefit for good cable management is the aesthetics. Many cases these days have acrylic or glass pane on the sides allowing you to peer into the insides of the machine. Couple that with any RGB lighting you might have on the inside that a good number of PCs have recently then you will have a very clear view of the inside of the case and the last thing you want to see is a big cable mess. Instead, you ideally want to be looking at your components and seeing them work; good cable management can offer this and will give you your money’s worth when investing in glass pane cases with RGB lighting on the inside.

Better Airflow: Cleaner and Faster System

Another benefit of professional cable management is an overall cleaner system. With cables being neatly packed the airflow of the fans can get air to where they need to go and ensure dust stays out of the case. With decent airflow you can prevent dust buildup for years potentially. Less dust and better airflow also means your components will maintain a reasonable temperature ensuring that they will be running at 100% performance if they need to. This will also increase the longevity of your components, reducing general wear and tear it will acrue naturally overtime.