HP has been working hard on rebuilding its reputation over the last few years – primarily through the best HP laptops it has ever produced. These mobile beauties were thought to be dead just a couple years ago, but thanks to the magic of Windows 10 and the best Ultrabooks, HP’s best laptops have morphed into devices that focus on design flair rather than cheapness.

The HP revolution has brought the popular ‘privacy filter,’ called Sure View, to the best HP laptops. In addition to this, these HP laptops are equipped with some of the highest quality hardware that current laptops can use at an affordable price. The old HP may have used cheaper versions with a higher markup to make money, but the poor quality became apparent quite quickly. There are no such issues with these laptops which are a different breed entirely.Image result for pavilion power 15

The Pavillion Power 15 is fitted with an SSD – a faster version than the standard Hard Disk Drive –  by default which creates a smoother initial launch and incredibly fast loading times when launching games. Even for non-gamers this can prove to be a godsend, with all areas of the computer being much more responsive, loading smaller softwares such as any of the microsoft office programmes near instantly.

To compliment the SSD the laptops are fitted with an i5-7300 processor. These are by no means the highest performing processors on the market, but for a reasonably priced laptop this is much better than you would expect and certainly nothing to sneeze at.

At £665 (Down from £750!) this laptop is a must-buy for those wanting a good quality, high performing laptop that you can enjoy for many years.


15.6 Inch Screen Full HD

i5-7300 Processor



GTX 1050 2GB Graphics Card

Windows 10 Home

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