6 Advantages of Remote Support

As selection criteria for an effective software solution, the security of having an after-sales remote support service should be almost as important as the quality of the tool itself. Why? It is because remote assistance can overcome certain on-site support’s limitations.

Remote support has many advantages; among them, we can highlight the following:


1) Speed

The current dynamics of business demands quick responses to any possible issue that may arise in the organization. This is where one of the undisputed advantages of remote support lies; because it allows the customer to contact the helpdesk quickly to request immediate solutions.

In many cases, the correct and complete functioning of an application can be promptly restored by adding a patch, an update, or a configuration change. These settings may be promptly applied by a technician through remote support. In this way, it is possible for organisations to minimise downtimes by reducing the response time required when waiting for on-site support’s arrival


2) Availability

Remote support allows customers to have access to rapid assistance from any geographical location; with an internet connection. Thus, companies can feel confident about having a service capable of responding efficiently; even in a context where the characteristics of the organisation require constant mobility of users and equipment.


3) Profitability

Usually, the physical presence of a technician implies extra fees related to the travel expenses. As a result, these charges can significantly increase the final price of the support service.

In remote assistance, on the other hand, the customer’s investment covers only the support service; this involves a reduction of up to 60% of the total cost in relation to on-site support.


4) Efficiency

Remote support can resolve 90% of IT issues. In the case of the software solutions, there are suppliers that have achieved greater effectiveness by responding efficiently to at least 99% of their customers’ requests.

This is very useful for any organisation as it minimises the need to request the physical presence of a technician.


5) Knowledge Sharing

This service involves real-time interaction. This means that as the technician makes adjustments to a system; the customer can see everything that is happening on the screen. As a result, users in the organisation have the opportunity to learn by themselves, how to resolve situations related to the performance of their applications. That represents the guarantee of a valuable service; as it reduces the need for the organisation to constantly request support service.


6) Greater Satisfaction

By obtaining faster, more accurate and efficient resolutions; users in organisations can achieve greater satisfaction and confidence in the tools they use in their environment. Thus, remote support helps optimise workers and ensure better results for the organisation.

Web-Systems offers fast, reliable and competitive remote support. Remote support is certainly more useful in the current climate with COVID-19, and with the nation being on lockdown it is also safer.

Call us today on 0115 927 9064 to see how we can assist you.

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