At Web-Systems we are always looking for ways we can make everyone a little happier when they leave our store no matter what they are looking for.

Console Repair Deals

For a limited time, if you come into store with a console repair you can bag yourself a free game. We have games such as PUBG for the Xbox One, and Assassins Creed for the Playstation 4. Nobody likes having their console coming in for maintenance, but hopefully this will have you leaving our store with a smile!

PC Protection Deals

We get many requests for virus software, but often after we have provided them a clean-up of their virus-ridden system. For spring we are offering Panda Security for free with any new PC you buy with us. This ensures you get a PC that is protected before it’s too late.

Laptop Deals

We do a range of new and refurbished laptops that are fast and reliable for those that are wanting something a bit more simple to get the job done. For the same reasons as before, we are offering free Panda Security. However, on top of this we are also throwing in free speakers for those that want them.

Laptop Repair Deals

If you’re coming in for a laptop repair then you will be pleased to know that for spring we are offering free Right Tec Retractable mice. We know that those that use laptops don’t want to deal with too many cables, so with this mouse the lead is retractable to the length that you need it, and then when you’re done with it and want to pack it away, the lead winds all the way back up.

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