CiT – Ez-Touch Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set Black

CiT – Ez-Touch Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set Black


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The keyboard with its stylish and ergonomic design has the enhanced multimedia keys to allow you to open documents, reply to e-mails and control the multimedia programs on your PC, all at the touch of a button with the enhanced multimedia keys.

The mouse has been ergonomically designed to be used in either the left or the right hand, along with the 3D scroll wheel function, making it easy to use when using your favourite program.

The nano wireless receiver is Plug and Play technology and with it size there is no need to remove the adaptor when storing, if it is used on a notebook computer.

Key Features

  • Compatibility – Supports Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 /XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / MAC OS
  • Convenience – Plug and play technology
  • Comfortable – Ergonomic design
  • Good Design – The enhanced design helps reduce the strain in your fingers and wrists, The compact size allowing for more space when you play
  • Working Distance – For the keyboard and mouse combo the wireless support is between 8-10m
  • Nano Receiver – The wireless nano receiver allows you to easily take your keyboard and mouse anywhere without damaging them
  • Nano Receiver – During shipping, this is located inside the battery compartment of the mouse
  • Please Note – That the Unit Dimensions are for the Keyboard only.


Connectivity: RF 2.4GHz
Keys: 105 Keys (+ 12 multimedia hotkeys)
Operating Force: 55 ± 7g
M.T.B.F.: ≥ 8 million keystrokes
Operating Temperature: 0° ~ 60°C
Storage Temperature: -20° ~ 60°C
Humidity: 20 ~ 90% RH
Working Voltage: 1.5V
Working Current: <3mA
Dimensions:: (L) 138.8 x (W) 447 x (H) 28.4 mm
Weight: 456g
Multimedia Functions (F1-F12 With FN Key):
1: Open default media player program
2: Decrease system volume
3: Increase system volume
4: Mute system volume
5: Play previous media track
6: Play next media track
7: Play or pause current media track
8: Stop current media track
9: Open home page on web browser
10: Open default email-program (not web-mail)
11: Open my computer
12: Save my favourites
Connectivity: RF 2.4GHz
Buttons: 3
Button M.T.B.F.: ≥ 3 million keystrokes
Scroll Wheel M.T.B.F.: ≥ 1 million rolls
Operating Force: 65 ± 20g
Button Travel: 0.3 ± 0.2mm
Working Voltage: 1.5V (1 x AA inc)
Working Current: 14mA (Sleep mode <0.1mA)
Dimensions: (L) 117 x (W) 60.8 x (H) 37mm
Weight: 72.8 ± 5g
Nano Reciever:
Location: During shipping, this is located inside the battery compartment of the mouse
Connectivity: USB
Protocol: RF 2.4GHz ISM
Working Voltage: 5.0V (USB)
Working Current: <50mA
Dimensions: (L) 13.5 x (W) 18.5 x (H) 6.5mm
Net Weight: 10 ± 2g