Game Max Vortex One Advanced DIY 240mm Water Cooling Kit

Game Max Vortex One Advanced DIY 240mm Water Cooling Kit



Vortex One Advanced DIY 240mm Water Cooling Kit

The new Liquid Cool Strike One CPU block, designed for a High Flow setup while offering enthusiast performance, design and appearance.

Take your PC’s cooling performance to the next level and allow your components to be pushed further using this custom 240mm DIY cooling kit from Liquid Cool. The kit itself has everything you may need to create a custom liquid cooling set up to meet your needs. The 240mm copper radiator can disperse heat very efficiently and the included fans keep the radiator and your CPU cool under heavy loads. Custom liquid cooling can give you much better cooling performance compared to all in one cooling systems and traditional air coolers as you can make specific tweaks to your system to have it perform better.

Customise Your Computer

When building a PC, it is very important to make it your own and tweak it to exactly how you like it. The kit contains all the bits you need to customise your water cooling set up and have it match the rest of your system. You can cut the included water cooling tubes to streamline your cooling. You can also change the colour of your coolant, using the included liquid colouring. With all the included accessories, you can tailor your water cooling set up to look exactly how you want.

The Vortex One range of DIY Water-cooling Kits are an affordable way for beginners (and advanced users alike) to get involved and start having fun with PC cooling. You could go out and buy an All In One setup, but where’s the fun in that ? With these kits you get to place everything exactly where you need it, cut the hoses to size, fill the liquid yourself and then add in your own custom colour!

Box Contains

1 x Liquid Cool Strike One Universal Intel & AMD CPU Waterblock Nickel Plated retention mount + nuts, springs washers 1 x Low Profile Dual Pass Copper Radiator 2 x 120mm White LED Anti Vibration Fans 1 x 500lph Pump with Cylinder Reservoir Combo 1 x Liquid Cool Ultra Pure Distilled + 3 Dyes (UV Blue, UV Green, Red) 8 x 13/10mm Matt Black Compression Fittings 2m 13/10mm Clear High Clarity Tubing 1 x Visual Flow Meter Accessories Included: 1 x Liquid Cool LGA115x Backplate 3 x 5ml Dyes (UV Blue, UV Green, Red) 1 x Silver Thermal Paste 1 x White 5mm LED 1 x 24 Pin Bridging tool 1 x Vortex One Manual

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