HP 65W Single Connector Laptop Adapter 4.5 x 3.0

HP 65W Single Connector Laptop Adapter 4.5 x 3.0


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Key Features

  • Product Type: Replica
  • Compatibility: Hp
  • Colour: Black
  • Power: 65w

Full Description


Input 100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60Hz
Output 19.5V — 3.33A
Connecters 1 (4.8 x 1.7mm)
Model Type SV-195033-065-4817
Compatibility HP
Compliance FCC, CE, RoHS

Genuine Hp 19.5V 3.33A blue tip Ac adapter Specification
HP part number: 913691-850, 710412-001
Charger power: 65w
Power output: 19.5v 3.33a
Power input: 100-240v
Tip pin size: 4.5mm * 3.0mm
Hp 65w compatible charger Part numbers: H6Y89AA, 854055-003, 913691-850, 613149-001, 677770-002, 677774-002, 693149-001, 693711-001, 709985-001, 709985-002, 710412-001, 714635-850, 714657-001, 741727-001, ADP-65HB HC, A065R00DL, A065R01DL, A065R07DL, PPP009D, 511972-001, 913623-002, TPN-CA07 and many more.

Compatible for all these models,

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e000, 11-e004au, 11-e005au, 11-e009au, 11-e012au, 11z-e000
HP Envy 14-k001xx, 14-k001tx, 14-k002tx, 14-k004tx, 14-k005tx, 14-k010us, 15-j000, 15-j000 CTO, 15-j000eb, 15-j000er, 15-j000sg, 15-j001er, 15-j001sb, 15-j001sg, 15-j001tx, 15-j002er, 15-j002la, 15-j003eo, 15-j003la, 15-j004ax, 15-j004tx, 15-j005ep, 15-j005ss, 15-j005tu, 15-j006ax, 15-j007ax, 15-j009ss, 15-j010us, 15-j011nr, 15-j012la, 15-j013cl, 15-j016tx, 15-j019so, 15-j022tx, 15-j023cl, 15-j025tx, 15-j026tx, 15-j027tx, 15-j028tx, 15-j030us, 15-j031nr, 15-j032nr, 15-j033tx, 15-j058ca, 15-j060ez, 15-j063ei, 15-j066ez, 15-j081eg, 15-j084ca, 15-j090ez, 15z-j000 CTO, 17-j000, 17-j001tx, 17-j004tx, 17-j005eo, 17-j005tx, 17-j008eo, 17-j011nr, 17-j013cl, 17-j021nr, 17-j027cl, 17-j051ei, 17-j082eg, 17t-j000

HP Envy TouchSmart 14-k000, 15-j000, 15-j001ax, 15-j001tu, 15-j002ax, 15-j002ea, 15-j002tu, 15-j003ax, 15-j003sg, 15-j003tx, 15-j005ax, 15-j005tx, 15-j007tx, 15-j008eo, 15-j008ss, 15-j009tx, 15-j009wm, 15-j020tx, 15-j020us, 15-j021tx, 15-j029tx, 15-j032tx, 15-j051ei, 15-j051nr, 15-j053cl, 15-j055ee, 15-j055se, 15-j073ca, 15-j078ca, 15-j084eg, 15-j091ef, 15z-j000 CTO

HP Pavilion 14-k001tx, 14-k002tx, 14-k025tx, 14-k024tx, 14-k030tx, 14-k028TX, 14-k029TX, 15-e000si, 15-e000eia, 15-e000sia, 15-e000sk, 15-e000sr, 15-e000sx, 15-e001au, 15-e002se, 15-e002sia, 15-e002sr, 15-e003sh, 15-e003ep, 15-e003sp, 15-e003sr, 15-e004au, 15-e004ej, 15-e004sl, 15-e004sr, 15-e005sr, 15-e005sv, 15-e005sx, 15-e006au, 15-e006ea, 15-e006sr, 15-e007sr, 15-e008ea, 15-e008ee, 15-e008sc, 15-e008se, 15-e008sr, 15-e008sv, 15-e009ax, 15-e009ee, 15-e009se, 15-e010ax, 15-e010sk, 15-e010sz, 15-e011sia, 15-e011eia, 15-e011sr, 15-e011sx, 15-e013ax, 15-e014so, 15-e015sia, 15-e015eia, 15-e017ax, 15-e018ax, 15-e018sx, 15-e019ax, 15-e019sx, 15-e020nr, 15-e020sx, 15-e021ss, 15-e021sx, 15-e022ax, 15-e023sx, 15-e025sx, 15-e026sr, 15-e026sx, 15-e027ca, 15-e028sx, 15-e029tx, 15-e030ea, 15-e030sc, 15-e030so, 15-e030sz, 15-e033ca, 15-e033ss, 15-e033sx, 15-e035sx, 15-e036sc, 15-e036sx, 15-e038sx, 15-e039sc, 15-e039tx, 15-e040so, 15-e041ca, 15-e041tx, 15-e042sf, 15-e042tx, 15-e044sf, 15-e045sx, 15-e045tx, 15-e046tx, 15-e047sx, 15-e049sf, 15-e050sf, 15-e050sg, 15-e050sr, 15-e051eia, 15-e051sia, 15-e051sr, 15-e051sx, 15-e051xx, 15-e052sr, 15-e052sv, 15-e053ca, 15-e053sa, 15-e053sr, 15-e054se, 15-e054st, 15-e055eia, 15-e055se, 15-e055sia, 15-e055so, 15-e055st, 15-e055sx, 15-e056so, 15-e056sr, 15-e056st, 15-e057sc, 15-e057sr, 15-e057st, 15-e058sia, 15-e058so, 15-e058sr, 15-e058sx, 15-e059se, 15-e059sr, 15-e060ee, 15-e060eia, 15-e060sia, 15-e060se, 15-e060sr, 15-e060sx, 15-e061sr, 15-e061sx, 15-e063eo, 15-e063so, 15-e063sr, 15-e066eia, 15-e066si, 15-e066sia, 15-e068ee, 15-e068se, 15-e071nr, 15-e071st, 15-e072se, 15-e072so, 15-e073nr, 15-e073se, 15-e073so, 15-e074se, 15-e075nr, 15-e075se, 15-e076se, 15-e077nr, 15-e078se, 15-e079ee, 15-e079se, 15-e080se, 15-e081ee, 15-e082ee, 15-e082se, 15-e083ee, 15-e083se, 15-e084ca, 15-e085ee, 15-e085se, 15-e086ee, 15-e086se, 15-e088se, 15-e088sk, 15-e089se, 15-e089sk, 15-e090ee, 15-e090se, 15-e091se, 15-e092ee, 15-e092se, 15z-e000 CTO, 17-e000, 17-e000er, 17-e000sb, 17-e000sg, 17-e001sc, 17-e001sg, 17-e002er, 17-e002sc, 17-e002sg, 17-e002so, 17-e002xx, 17-e004er, 17-e010us, 17-e011nr, 17-e012nr, 17-e014nr, 17-e017cl, 17-e020sz, 17-e020us, 17-e021nr, 17-e026sr, 17-e032sg, 17-e033ca, 17-e038ca, 17-e040sz, 17-e049sf, 17-e049wm, 17-e050er, 17-e050sg, 17-e050so, 17-e052sg, 17-e052sr, 17-e052xx, 17-e053er, 17-e054ca, 17-e054er, 17-e055so, 7-e057so, 17-e060so, 17-e071nr, 17-e072nr, 17-e073nr, 17-e074nr, 17-e075nr, 17-e075sr, 17-e076nr, 17-e077nr, 17-e078nr, 17-e087eg, 17z-e000 CTO, 14-e000, 14-e003tu, 14-e004tu, 14-e004tx, 14-e005tu, 14-e005tx, 14-e006tx, 14-e007tx, 14-e008tu, 14-e008tx, 14-e009tu, 14-e009tx, 14-e010la, 14-e010tu, 14-e011tx, 14-e012la, 14-e014la, 14-e015tx, 14-e016la, 14-e016tx, 14-e017tx, 14-e018tx, 14-e019tx, 14-e020tx, 14-e021tx, 14-e022tx, 14-e023tx, 14-e024tx, 17-e042sa, 13-S060sa


EAN: 6939430519339



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