Game Max – Pulse Kit 7 Colour RGB Keyboard With Pulsing LED Mouse

Game Max – Pulse Kit 7 Colour RGB Keyboard With Pulsing LED Mouse


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Product OverviewThe Game Max Pulse RGB Gaming keyboard and Mouse is a great combo for all gamers looking to upgrade their current kit without breaking the bank.

The Keyboard is made using rubber dome switches making the keyboard a lot quieter during use. The strong, crisp tactile keys enable complete control during game play and a short travel time makes the response time quicker than ever. The keyboard comes with 13 multimedia functions, 26 anti-ghosting keys and you can swap the cursor keys and WASD keys.

The mouse is an optical 7D gaming mouse equipped with excellent cursor accuracy, clutch the victory with pixel-point perfection and 6 DPI pre-sets means you match the mouse your style of play.

The kit has a 7 colour RGB backlight, you can sync everything to the same colour mode or you can mix and match to fit in with the rest of your set-up. The colours include Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, White, Purple and Yellow. These are easily changeable at the touch of a button.

The Pulse is compatible for both Windows & Mac OSX. In line with the Game Max ethos this combo offers style, performance and the ultimate experience.FeaturesGaming Rubber Dome Switches
The Pulse keyboard comes with rubber dome switches creating minimum noise and a satisfying feel without sacrificing performance.

Multi-Key Anti-Ghosting
26 anti-ghosting keys makes sure all your commands and keystrokes register the way you intended.

Design of the Gaming Mouse
The gaming mouse included in the Pulse is a well thought out design, the ergonomic, rubber coated design enables precise positioning and with every button carefully designed and placed to be easily identifiable by touch.

Dynamic RGB Backlighting
The Pulse comes with 7 colours to choose from and several different colour modes, the user has a choice between static and breathing colour lighting modes. The brightness and LED running speed can be easily adjusted.

On-The Fly Adjustable DPI
Ideal for first time and experienced gamers with a 3200dpi optical sensor you can now get the right level of precision and pixel precise targeting for whatever game you are playing.

Wrist Rest
Additional comfort to support your gameplay during those long gaming sessions.

Music & Voice Indicators
Built in voice indicators enables you to get the RGB lighting effects to follow sounds from your gaming environment.

Braided Cables
The USB connectors come with braided cables offering excellent durability and will last a lot longer then a standard cable.

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