CiT – WK-838 Premium Mini USB Black Keyboard

CiT – WK-838 Premium Mini USB Black Keyboard


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The CiT WK-838 is an excellent ultra-thin low profile, small framed premium keyboard, fitted with a touch membrane under each key you get a smooth and timely response from each press. The WK-838 is compact in size, making it ideal for business or home users with limited desk space and is a great on the go solution.

With a small footprint of 83 keys the WK-838 has all the features you would want from a full size keyboard, with 9 multimedia functions you have access to a range of media applications. By pressing FN + the cursor keys enable you to have four extra commands (Page Up, Page Down, Home and End). The numeric keypad is integrated into the standard keys and with a net weight of only 0.41KGs the WK-838 is the ideal small form keyboard.


Main Features

  • Design – The WK-838 is an ultra-thin keyboard made using high-quality touch membrane creating robust long-lasting keys during use.
  • Size – The size of the keyboard is 348 x 145 x 22mm and with only 83 keys in total, the WK-838 is light with a small footprint which fits perfectly onto a desk with very limited space in a business or home environment.
  • Multimedia Functions – 9 multimedia keys are on offer at the touch of button creating shortcuts to access some popular media applications.
  • Quality – The WK-838 made from metal & ABS materials makes the keyboard much stronger and durable ultimately having a longer life span.

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