GameMax Razor 12cm Rainbow ARGB Fan RTB 3pin M&F Aura Header 3pin/4pin Power

GameMax Razor 12cm Rainbow ARGB Fan RTB 3pin M&F Aura Header 3pin/4pin Power


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GameMax are proud to introduce the GameMax Razor Dual-Ring ARGB 120mm fan, the Razor fan provides a specific air-cooling solution for CPU coolers and chassis’ for a fraction of the price.

The Razor has a design unique to any fan out there, a moulded blade enables gorgeous visual lighting effects, not only do these fans deliver quality cooling but they are also aesthetically stunning.

Included is a 5V addressable 3pin AURA connector and when connected to a compatible motherboard gives you unlimited options when it comes to controlling your RGB lighting. The Razor can be powered by either a 3pin power or Molex connector for wide compatibility.

In line with the GameMax ethos this case offers style, performance and the ultimate experience.

Key Features

  • Unique-Moulded Blade – The Razor is made using a special designed blade and are dual sided with slim ring LEDs bring a different look to your PC build.


  • Addressable RGB Colour – Using the 3pin mobo sync adapter to support and sync the lighting with AURA sync (ASUS/Asrock), Mystic Light (MSI) & RGB Fusion Ready (Gigabyte – Adapter cable not included).


  • Compatibility – The Razor comes with a 3pin AURA connector and is powered by a 3pin power connector or Molex, as well as being able to connect to a compatible motherboard you can connect to a compatible hub to give you manual control.


  • Anti-Vibration Mounting – Four rubber pads provide the Razor with extra protection and helps absorb fan vibration and helps to keep the overall noise down to a minimum.


  • Complete PWM Control – With the Razor fan you have complete PWM control and you are able to easily control your fan speed from 500 to 1200RPM.


Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Frame Colour: Black
Fan Blades / Colour: 11 / Black
LED Qty / Type: 24 / ARGB
Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing
Fan Speed: 1200rpm ± 10%
Max. Air Flow: 60 CFM
Max. Static Air Pressure: 2.01mm-H2O
Noise Level (max.): <26 dB(A)
Cable Length: 450mm
Accessories : Screws
Connectors : 3 pin (Addressable) AURA Connector / 3 pin (Addressable) AURA (Male) Link Connector / 3 Pin Power Connector / 4 Pin Molex
Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Current (max.): 0.34A
Rated Input Power : 4.08W
Test Voltage: 12V DC
Start Voltage: 4.5V DC
M.T.B.F: 40,000 Hours