Samsung 970 Evo Review

The Samsung 970 Evo is the successor to the 960 Evo, an NVMe SSD that offers blistering speeds at a great price. If you want the fastest possible storage for your PC or laptop, this is what you need, but read our Samsung 970 Evo Review before you buy one.


The Samsung 970 Evo runs with the fastest sequential read speed of 3,500 MB/s and sequential write speed of up to 2,500 MB/s. This is massively faster than the 960 Evo’s top-rated 3,200MB/s and 1,500MB/s sequential read and write speeds.

WD’s new Black NVMe SSD wins with the fastest sequential write of 2,800MB/s, but a slower 3,400MB/s sequential read.

This is mostly thanks to Samsung’s mid-range drive adopting a very similar 64-layer MLC V-NAND technology as its more expensive and higher end Pro series. Previously, the 960 Evo was built with a more affordable, but slower, form of TLC V-Nand. The updated Pro and Evo drives also share a newly designed Phoenix controller.

In addition, the Samsung solid-state drives also uses an Intelligent TurboWrite technology to generate a large buffer of up to 78GB for even faster write speeds. With all of these improvements, Samsung claims the 970 Evo delivers 65% faster sequential write speeds.

Though it doesn’t feature a heat sink the Samsung does feature Dynamic Thermal Guard technology to safeguard against overheating. The built-in hardware feature automatically monitors and maintains optimal operating temperatures, while a heat spreader and new nickel-coated controller further lower the SSD temperatures.


The Samsung 970 Evo’s faster write speeds definitely looks impressive on paper, during our testing it has proven to be as quick as it claims. The SSD actually peaks above its rated speeds despite us running the drive against our up most challenging benchmarks.

Additionally we found slightly higher random write speeds, enables the 970 Evo to transfer a 10GB file in nearly half the time compared to its predecessor. Folder transfers see an even greater improvement reducing the amount of time needed from 25.2 seconds to 12.64 seconds!


The Samsung 970 Evo brings high-end NVMe solid-state drive performance with reasonable prices. Due to multiple improvements in the silicon, this drive reads and writes faster than ever, can run for longer without overheating and is more affordable than ever at large capacities. We are really happy with the progress Samsung has made here over the it’s last three iterations and highly recommend this product to any one who is in the market for a new M.2 SSD.


Now you have read our review all you need to do is make the purchase!

Samsung – SSD-250SAM970EVOPCIE SSD – 250GB SAMSUNG 970 EVO NVME, M.2 PCI-E, R/W 3400/1500 MBPS, 200K IOPS



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