Another build finished for a professional purpose. This system shares DNA with the build we did for DJSkillmaster last month. If you missed it check out our extensive review here.

As with all our new builds, this started off as a consultation with the customer which lead to us working our magic by designing and ultimately building this PC.

This build is not quite on the same level as DJSkillmaster’s “The Beast” but shares some of its top end features at a lower budget. The main purpose for this build was to record clear high-quality audio at the same time as being a fully functional office PC. This is achieved with a powerful AMD A Series Quad Core CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM and a 480GB SU650 SATA SSD.

The amazing silent Ghost case lives up to its name again with this build. The system under full loaded remains unheard even in a quiet office environment which is massively important when audio recording is in session.

Another key feature was multi-monitor support but at the specified budget, we couldn’t facilitate a dedicated GPU. This is where the systems comes into its element of bang for buck. The A series CPU has integrated Radeon graphics, paired with the handpicked AsRock A320M-HDV supports 3 displays at once.

Overall the customer is very happy with what they have been provided and perfectly executes the job it was designed to do.

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