At Web-Systems we have been reworking the way custom builds function on our website, bringing them more up-to-date and allowing for even more options.

We started off with the basic Ryzen PC Customisers and Intel PC Customisers. Starting off at the lowest price possible, you can scale up these PCs as necessary. Previously you had to stick to our guidelines of which components we would recommend, now you have free reign to choose exactly what you want, within the budget you desire.

If you are not too knowledgeable about what you need inside your PC but know what you want it to do, then don’t worry. We have some our best and most popular Pre-builds as custom-builds so you can stick with our guidelines of what we would recommend and still have some room to deviate to better suit what you are looking for.

A great example of what you can do with our pre-builds is the Predator. This arrived in our arsenal of pre-builds as the most expensive and highest quality pre-build we had ever done. This PC was and still is a very popular system for top-end gaming and professional work. The price, understandably, for some can be a touch too steep for what they are looking for. Now you can customise the specifications of this system to better suit your budget, while still retaining its raw performance.

Keep and eye out for even more updates, both in terms of component options as well as

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