If you’re a parent, chances are in the past six months you’ve been nagged about Fortnite, an apocalyptic survival video game which has attracted legions of fans and controversy in equal measure. The free multiplayer spans plays across all platforms in a Battle Royale style game – a type of game mode where 100 players fight it out until there is only 1 left standing.


Its bright and cartoony graphics appeal to younger audiences more than other shooter games in the same genre. Although a free game it does, however, contain in-game purchases to buy outfits, weapons and other cosmetic items. The aim of Fornite is to stay alive, playing as an individual or as part of a team with people across the globe to ward off hordes of enemy monsters, build forts and defend the island’s survivors.
The game has become a near-global phenomenon, taking the top spot as the most played game in the world. The game attracts all kinds of players, from schoolchildren to professional football players.

The official age rating the Video Standards council have given it is 12, for “frequent scenes of mild violence,” but while the game is violent by nature, there is no blood and gore like other games of the same genre and is one of the many reasons why the game has attracted such a large mass of people. The game has also begun attracting people with a much more social aspect and something to play with friend as the game features a team mode where friends get together and team up in order to try and survive as a unit.
At Web-Systems we provide a Fortnite Brawler Box, a custom built refurbished computer with specifications that are good enough to play Fortnite at a reasonable price – with a 12 month warranty. With this build you are guaranteed a quality gaming experience at a reasonable graphics setting. We will even have Fortnite pre-installed! That way you can get to the action as fast as possible.


Performance Statistics:
GT 710 Graphics Card | Average: 51 FPS @720p Lowest Settings
GT 730 Graphics Card | Average: 60 FPS @720p Low/Medium Settings
GT 1030 Graphics Card | Average: 70 FPS @1080p Medium Settings
We did run higher settings and to our surprise the game was very playable at 30fps allowing us to have a good battle and come out on top.


Brawler Box Specification:
Intel i3-4130 Processor
500 GB Hard Disk Drive
GT 710 2GB Graphics Card (Upgrades  Available)
Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
Battle Box Specification:
Intel i5-4570 Processor
500GB Hard Disk Drive
GT 710 2GB Graphics Card (Upgrades Available)
Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit


Price Range: £259 – £325

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