Tucked in among GDC 2019 were none other than Intel, there to talk about its imminent discrete graphics processing capabilities. Intel Odyssey introduced us to the first renders of Intel’s Xe GPU-based graphics card range.

Oddly, Intel actually partnered with members of its community for these designs, indicating that Intel is potentially thinking of use fan-submitted designs as it settles on an aesthetic for Xe.

The renders look pretty smart in truth, bearing more than a passing resemblance to Intel’s Optane SSDs. The Intel Xe design showcased was a short, dual-slot video card with a single-fan blower design and a rather tasty metallic shroud. It’s unclear just how much bearing these designs are going to have on the final model, but it does give us a little taste of where Intel is heading with this.

Linking all of Intel’s GPU and iGPU goodness together will be the new Intel Graphics Command Center. This is Intel’s answer to Radeon Adrenalin and GeForce Experience, providing an updated hub from which users will be able to tweak settings, take advance of one-click game optimisation, and automatic game detection.

Intel’s go a step further with a breakdown of graphics features, possibly even on a per-game basis. This shows before and after comparisons of what various graphics settings do, helping users understand which options are worth turning on or off.

Early access to the Intel Graphics Command Center is available now for anyone with a 6th Gen Skylake or newer CPU and can be grabbed from the Windows Store. This is how Intel will be handling all GPU driver releases, coming as Windows Updates rather than manual downloads.

The first generation of Intel Xe graphics cards are on track to launch at some point in 2020.

Let us know below what you think of these designs and whether you think they can really compete against the likes of Nvidia and AMD, for us we’re quite excited about another GPU manufacturer on the market.

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