The newest member of the team at Web-Systems is the brand new test bench for testing individual components when PCs, Laptops and Consoles come into us for repair.

Testing individual components is imperative when diagnosing a PC as it enables you to identify the component or components that are causing the fault. Previously, we had to rebuild a PC from scratch with our components every time we wanted to test something, or plug them into one of our PCs that were dual purpose between admin and testing.

The Test Bench allows us to put in any component that needs testing quickly.

With this newly built test bench dedicated to testing, we now have everything on hand to test any component. This increases the efficiency of our work allowing us to test multiple components faster than before. With a 100% isolated system and all the test-related software on this PC, we can diagnose components with far more accuracy than we were previously able to achieve.

Repairs and diagnosis is not the only function of this Test Bench, it will also be useful in testing new parts before fitting them to our custom builds. We also plan on using benchmarking tools to allow us to more accurately review the latest components as well as quantifiably compare different models of the same graphics card. This will greatly increase our customer service quality, as we can pass these detailed comparisons over to the customer so they know exactly what kind of performance difference they are paying for.

The Palit RTX 2060 StormX is one of the components we have begun testing, and with a slight nudge we were able to achieve some of the best performance in the world for RTX 2060 graphics cards. This is great information for us, as this confirms to us that the products we sell are of a high standard and can stand tall against other, more expensive, models.

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