At Web-Systems we have a huge variety of toys, gadgets and accessories to keep the kids entertained this half term. We are known for building custom PCs and repairs, but we offer a lot of options for children that have a special interest in technology.


We have a selection of console games on offer at the moment. From Ark, to Assassins Creed as well as Player Unknown’s Battleground on the Xbox One. All these games have many many hours of gameplay available to them and will surely keep the kids occupied all half-term.

Drones and Remote Control Cars

If your children are into their gadgets then they will love the selection of drones we have on offer. Our best on offer is the Parrot Mambo with its first-person view camera and 100m range, you can certainly have a great day out or in with the kids with this drone. We also have the ProFlight Maverick and Wraith drones on offer too, the Wraith can reach ranges of around 500m!

For some of the younger ones, we have some great remote control cars. One is a Ferrari Police car with actual flashing lights and siren noises, the other is a black Bugatti Veyron, these make a great duo for a good car chase.

PC Accessories

PSYC Wave X1 Bluetooth Headset

Getting the right PC equipment can go a long way and probably get the most hours of use of any of the other gadgets. A great keyboard, for example, can get a decade of use if you choose the right one. We have a massive selection in these areas with anything from high-quality mice, Bluetooth headsets all the way to RGB LED Mousemats.

Laptops and Pre-Builds

For those looking for a full system, we have many laptops on offer, the one display in-store at the moment is the Lenovo 15.6 inch laptop with up to 1TB of hard drive space, a great choice for a casual gamer that likes the mobility of a laptop.

For around the same price however you can pick up yourself the Web-Systems Zoom pre-built gaming PC. You can order this directly online on our website and even have it delivered to you! This system is the perfect option for a first-time system as it is high performing as well as having plenty of room to upgrade in the future, not to mention it is a beautiful case with full RGB customisable lighting.

If you want to go all out this half-term then we’ve got the Web-Systems Predator Intel i7 Gaming PC. This will be more than enough to run any AAA game at ultra graphics. With an RTX 2060 Graphics Card, you’ll be experiencing the newest technology that gaming has to offer.