We’re not one for rumours here at Web-Systems, however the rumour of a GTX 1660Ti that is to be announced shortly is gaining a lot of traction recently.

The rumour began with a screenshot of benchmarking data posted by Nvidia, likely by accident but was allegedly quickly removed from the website. The benchmark, if true, seems quite promising with its performance completely outclassing the GTX 1060 6GB.

An alleged genuine image of Nvidia in China at a private convention talking about the new GTX 1660Ti

Alleged Specs

The GTX 1660Ti will reportedly feature Turing TU116 GPU, 1536 CUDA Cores, 6GB GDDR6 Memory but crucially no RT or Tensor Cores. This is where the rumours begin to make a bit more sense. Nvidia did officially say that they wanted new and improved versions of the 1060 at a reasonable price without Raytracing. Although the naming convention of the 1660 is a bit odd, it does make sense that Nvidia would want to release new graphics cards that will not take away sales from the RTX 2060.

The 1050Ti is expected a significant price drop. At Web-Systems our prices are already well below what they are expected to fall to. Order from our website here.

Expected Price

Prices are subject to change all the time, let alone when referencing products that are purely rumour-based. But the expected price at the moment from the leaks so far is around £213, which for a high performing graphics card like we’re expected is very reasonable. That is not all however, the leaks also suggest that to ensure prices of their would-be outdated graphics cards are reflected in their age a price drop is expected on the 1060, 1050 and the 1050Ti;with the 1050Ti expected to drop all the way to around £130 (Although, here at Web-Systems you can pick up an absolute bargain with ours at £113).

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