The conclusion from the end of day one of testing older hardware on new games and apps.

We decided to go old school and select the oldest motherboard we had which was a socket 775 and paired this with an Intel Core Duo E7200 processor with 4GB of DDR3 (we couldn’t get any higher capacity to work with the poor old motherboard). And an AMD Radeon HD7750 1GB graphics card.

Although we had this system hooked up to our 4K monitor we chose a test resolution of 1080p, not that the GPU in question was capable of outputting any higher via HDMI.

First, we ran some benchmarks, Cinebench CPU & GPU on Open GL. CPU score was a very low 128 points and the GPU scored 480. Next, we ran Passmark and got a Passmark score of 1253.3, this was half of the world’s average, showing how low spec this machine was.

The final feat for this blast from the past was the big test, a current game for this we chose Fortnite which produced some surprising results!

We checked the minimum requirements and the cpu was the only thing that actually didn’t meet them. We installed Fortnite and let it do it’s thing and configure graphics settings automatically and these are the settings we will stick to for the remainder of tests. At 1920×1080 medium we achieved Min FPS: 24.46 Max FPS:43 and an average of 22.23. We found it would sit between 29 &34 most of the time.

We suffered from micro stuttering and lag spikes we feel this may have been more to do with RAM capacity than CPU. However, we couldn’t test with any more RAM due to MB limitations.

So our conclusion was that the game wasn’t really that playable, however we did manage a win with our squad so maybe just maybe you could conclude on the contrary that it actually was playable.

Let us know your thoughts we will be testing a lot more over the weekend. Also if you have a specific test or game in mind be sure to comment and let us know, we will do our best to get it running for you and publish the results.

Our next test would have been with 8GB then 16GB RAM but as explained the motherboard used was unable to take any further ram. So instead we will be testing newer and newer GPU’s to see where this system starts to bottleneck. We also hope this helps answer certain questions such as is it worth upgrading my really old machine to play games or will I have to replace the machine. We will definitely be comparing results of the older generation items against our newest pre-builds. It’s a sure thing that the newer generation stuff will certainly leave this older stuff in the dust, but by what margain? We have all the way from 775 to 1151 6th Gen Cpu’s so it’s certainly going to be worth keeping an eye on our upcoming results.

It’s certainly going to interesting.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results!

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