It’s that time of year where readers everywhere are inundated with year-in-review roundups. The lightening-speed world of tech is no exception, and while best tech roundups are all well and good, we’ve done a deep dive into the tech products and services truly making a difference in the world of computers.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founder’s Edition

The Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti is the best gaming tech of 2018 for a very simple reason; it’s the fastest consumer GPU ever made, and is also the only GPU with enough ponies under the hood to really allow for smooth high-resolution gameplay with ray tracing enabled. Sure, the pricing is ridiculous, but if you compare it to the similarly-spec’d Titan RTX, which is £2,000, it begins to look almost like a bargain. Not only is it powerful enough to run 60FPS at 4K resolution with any game you throw it at, it’s poised to offer the best ray tracing experience in future titles as well thanks to its generous allotment of RT cores. Simply put, it’s the best GPU money can buy, and for 2018 it truly raised the bar for both pure FPS performance and visual fidelity. And as more ray traced games come online in 2019, it’s as future-proof as any GPU has ever been.

Asus PG27UQ4K HDR G-Sync Monitor

As the world’s first 4K HDR 144Hz G-Sync monitor, the Asus PG27UQ4K is a sight to behold. It requires a muscular videocard to really push its 144Hz panel, and has a hefty £1,500 price tag, but if you’ve got the GPU and the bank account it is indeed glorious.

HTC Vive Wireless Adapter

HTC has finally made its superb Vive virtual reality headset fully wireless, and it is the best VR experience available. Though the adapter is expensive, it works extremely well and until a fully-powered, wireless headset arrives, this is as good as it gets, for now.

Scuf Vantage Wireless Controller for Playstation 4

The Scuf Vantage is the first third-party wireless controller for the PS4 that is licensed by Sony, so it is a rare bird indeed. At £130 it’s pricey but justifies its price tag by offering a ton of customization options along with top notch build quality.

Honourable Mention – AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

For the longest time, AMD has fell behind Intel. Luckily, those days are over with the Ryzen 2700X. This time around AMD brings the first 12nm processors and the performance to back it up, demolishing Intel when it comes to price-to-performance. If you’re looking for one of the best processors that’ll give you great performance without costing an arm and a leg, you can’t do much better than the Ryzen 7 2700X.

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