As you may have noticed we have a new section on the website for absolute bargains. We don’t just do expensive hardware here at Web-Systems, and actually some products that may appear expensive are actually really good for money. So in this blog we’ll be running through some of the best bargains and why they are so good for money.

CiT Jet Stream Case With 500W Power Supply – £37

For those that took note of the product’s name would not need any further clues as to why this is an absolute bargain. Cases are usually just an empty shell waiting for components to be fitted inside it. This case has a power supply already fitted inside it, saving you a lot of cash if you’re building an entire system. Not bad for a case that is medium-sized an still has a very modern and sleek design.

Adata 480GB SU650 SSD – £70

SSDs are a must if you want quick loading times when it comes to launching windows or certain programmes. Even the best hard drive will still be significantly slower than an SSD in this aspect. The problem is the price often puts people off. But for £70 you can get an SSD that can hold 480GB worth of programmes, which should be more than enough for the average person to hold all their favourite programmes on it.

If £70 is still a bit much then not a worry, for £28 you can get a similar SSD that has 128GB of storage, more than enough to fit your OS on there.

Lenovo V110 15.6 Inch Laptop – £320

We have had a few laptops in recently, some have been very expensive gaming laptops, others a bit cheaper but more for office use. This Laptop sits right in a happy medium having the best of both worlds. Enough performance to play basic games and more than enough to do office work smoothly. At just £320 this is a very modest price for a very good performing laptop for this price range.

Game Max Shadow RGB Tempered Glass Case – £70

The Game Max Shadow is new stock we have in store at the moment and is one of the cheapest RGB cases we have available and certainly the cheapest Tempered Glass and RGB Case we have available. Usually to get access to both RGB and Tempered Glass you would be looking at upwards of £100 for something of high quality. This case is also perfect for those that like their case to light up but not be overwhelming. A very modest and beautiful design.

Game Max Gamma 500 RGB CPU Cooler – £30

The CPU can quite often be the most expensive part of any PC so keeping it in good condition is imperative, so getting a good CPU cooler is a must for those that really work up their PC. This CPU cooler is from a great brand, has full RGB lighting for those that have glass cases and is known to be very reliable. All that just for £30!

AMD – Ryzen 7 2700X With Wraith Cooler, 8-Core – £360

Following on from CPU coolers straight to the CPU itself. We stock a lot of AMD Processors recently and the main reason for that is that they are such a good price for the amount they can do. This Ryzen 7 8-core processor is one of the best in the Ryzen series outside of the Threadrippers and still comes at a cost a fraction of that of the Intel i7s and i9s.

Even for those that aren’t looking for anything high-end and just need a budget PC can still jump on these bargains that the Ryzen series are offering at the moment. The Ryzen 3 1300X is one the best low-spec processors and comes in at £122. This processor could last years if you don’t strain it – you would struggle to find much cheaper.

Web-Systems i9 Predator Pre-Build – £1423

This is one of the more expensive products on this list, but we saved it till last because it is arguably the biggest bargain on the list. For those looking to get a very high-end PC that can play any game on ultra graphics, and can run professional software smoothly can often be spending upwards of £2,000. But this PC that we have specially built to deal with this in mind, whether it be engineering, architecture or game development. All this performance for just £1,423. For more information on the specs, click the link on the product title.

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