You tell us what you want

We build it.

Build your dream PC. Choose your case, processor, motherboard, memory, graphics card…and more.

With extensive industry experience, our hand built custom PC’s are built by professionals to the highest standard. With a high standard of quality control, you will receive your system ready to go and built to last.

Intel Gaming Systems, VR ready custom systems, AMD Gaming Systems…and much more.

Price Match Guarantee

We will match any like-for-like quotation, from another store, for a new build computer. This offer is only valid on brand new custom built PC’s and only available in-store. To qualify, when you come into our store we will require you to produce a legitimate and up to date quotation from the last 30 days from another store.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Each new PC build comes with a FREE 15 minute consultation to learn about your needs. We will guide you through the best set up just for you. Based on game play, speed, performance or graphics.

What Our Customers Are Saying

    review rating 1  I gave them my pc with only motherboard problems and some how the graphics fan card fan broke (fell off) when they where looking at it but there were no problems with fan before and my computer was looked at by a PC expert and this was never a problem before and i was told that the CPU had been taken out but it had never been taken out since buying it, when trying to talk to the man about this he became very argumentative and the repairs cost the price of the whole pc which also looks very suspicious.(PC was made here).

    thumb ethan goacher

    review rating 5  Really good experience when you first walk-in with friendly staff and fair prices

    thumb James Lewis

    review rating 5  Great place to buy cut price products that are decent quality. Just be aware of their strict returns policy..... Definitely not like PC world in that department but if you know what you want it's second to none.

    thumb Darroll Walton

    review rating 5  10/10 the guy on the desk was cool knew everything about what he was selling to me. Great service will definitely visit again and recommend anyone who requires anything to do with computers or anything else they service to go there and enquire. fair prices and even a budget range.

    thumb Notts Absolute Gaming

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